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The Elite Support Difference
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The Elite Support Difference

What is Elite Support

Elite Support provides rapid diagnosis, responsive turnaround and quality, consistent communication, robust parts availability and superb customer service; all provided by a highly-trained staff.

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Rapid Diagnosis

Express Assessment is a diagnostic process that ensures you get an estimate of severity, downtime, part needs, and costs within two hours of initial service write-up. In cases of complex issues or multiple complaints, an estimated time for a complete diagnosis within two hours of initial service write-up.

Consistent Communication

Before any work is done, you’ll be contacted with time and cost estimates. After the repair begins, status updates will be communicated as they occur. Once the repair is complete, you will be notified immediately so you can get back on the road. All communications are tracked and documented for future reference.

Exceptional Turnaround and Quality

Best practices ensure you have the fastest possible turnaround time, including an upfront parts availability check, scheduling the most qualified technician for the work, and a rigorous quality check before your truck leaves the facility.

Robust Parts Availability

We stock the most critical repair parts by using a regularly updated, locally customized stocking list. These steps minimize your downtime by ensuring quick access to the necessary parts. If a part does require a special order, you’ll get daily order tracking updates so you know when it’s in stock.

Customer Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • Free Coffee and Water
  • Workstation with Power and Telephone Access
  • Nearby vending items available for purchase
  • Nearby Restaurants with Delivery Services
  • Television with Cable Channels available in Driver’s Lounge
  • Lyft available for transportation

The Express Assessment Mission

An Express Assessment allows us to assign the most qualified technician to the job, ensuring that the diagnosis gets done right the first time. Within 2 hours of your service write-up, we will Communicate single service issue diagnosis, Check parts availability and Provide an estimate of cost and repair time.

Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Our Service Staff is trained to communicate promptly and professionally. Within 2 hours of the service write-up you’ll know whether you can get back out on the road, need to redirect resources, or get a hotel.

Experience Qualified Techs

An Express Assessment allows the dealer to assign the most qualified technician to the job, ensuring that the diagnosis gets done right the first time.

Understand Parts Availability

Quickly find out which parts are in stock and which need to be ordered so the repair can get underway as soon as possible.

Perform Simple Repairs Fast

If the assessment of your single complaint reveals a simple repair, like a blown fuse or a burnt out light, we’ll make every effort to perform the repair immediately.

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