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Western Star 4700
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Engineered to Exceed Expectations: the 2023 Western Star 4700

Western Star trucks have been built to exceed expectations for generations, and we're proud to tell you that the 2023 Western Star 4700 carries that long-standing tradition forward in spectacular fashion. Well-suited for local and regional hauls and just about any vocational application you can think of, the new Western Star 4700 is versatile, easily maneuverable, and enviably efficient.

Engine Options

Operators looking for trucks for sale in Delaware will find dump trucks and many other options at our convenient locations. Among those options is the Western Star 4700. As you'll see, the 2023 Western Star 4700 is available with three engines. The truck's base engine is a Cummins L9, which produces 260 - 380 horsepower and 720 - 1,250 lb-ft of torque.

A Cummins X12 is this truck's midlevel engine, and it delivers 350 - 500 horsepower and 1,250 - 1,700 lb-ft of torque. At the top-of-the-line rests a Detroit DD13 engine. That unit cranks out 1,250 - 1,850 lb- ft of torque and 350 - 505 horsepower.

Active Safety Equipment

When you view the 2023 Western Star 4700 at one of our New Castle, DE truck centers, you'll see that the truck has some enviable advanced safety and driver-assistive features. For starters, the truck is outfitted with adaptive cruise control.

That handy feature helps reduce driver fatigue by maintaining a set speed on the open road. When there's a vehicle in front of your truck, the feature will automatically adjust your speed as necessary to maintain a static distance between your ride and the lead vehicle.

Safety-conscious operators are always thrilled when they see that the Western Star 4700 has a forward collision warning and intervention system when they check out the truck at Bayshore Truck Center. This system will issue audible, visual, and physical alerts if it detects an accident is about to occur.

If you don't react to those warnings fast enough, the system will automatically apply the brakes and reduce engine torque to minimize the severity of an impending crash.

Additional Featured

The Western Star 4700 has additional features to go along with its laudable safety equipment. An adjustable steering column makes finding a comfy driving position a breeze.

A third power distribution module puts full control of your truck within easy reach. Suspended pedals and a hinged dash are just samples of this truck's other features.

Are you ready to get a 2023 Western Star 4700 that will exceed your expectations at every turn? Visit our truck financing center today.

2023 Western Star 4700