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2021 Western Star 49X
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Ready to Do What Others Can't: the 2021 Western Star 49X

Work trucks are usually all about function rather than form, but the 2021 Western Star 49X proves function and form go hand-in-hand. While it still looks like a truck manufactured by the Western Star brand, the all-new Western Star 49X has a distinct grille that has vertical bars that are canted inward. Metal accents frame the truck's grille, giving the Western Star 49X a delightfully rugged look.

Created from the Ground Up

If you're looking for trucks for sale in Delaware or a neighboring state, we encourage you to head over to one of our locations to see the latest Western Star trucks in our inventory. The 2021 Western Star 49X will catch your eye if you want a vocational workhorse that's standing at the ready to do what others can't.

A severe-service truck, the Western Star 49X was designed and engineered with seven laudable benchmarks in mind. Those benchmarks include:

  • Operator comfort
  • Maximum uptime
  • Best-in-class safety
  • Proven powertrain
  • Purpose-built
  • Durability
  • Ease of Upfit

It took five years for the Western Star 49X to go from concept to production model. Now that the truck has arrived, it won't take long for you to see that its makers surpassed every benchmark they set.

You don't have to ask, "Is there a tractor trailer dealership near me where I can check out the 2021 Western Star 49X?" You can simply visit our retail location to see this severe-service truck.

Outfitted with Laudable Active Safety Equipment

As New Castle, DE truck dealers and tractor trailer financing experts, we're proud to tell you the 2021 Western Star 49X is equipped with some advanced safety features. These features include active brake assist, intelligent high beams, automatic wipers and headlamps, a tailgate warning, adaptive cruise control, and side guard assist.

2021 Western Star 49X

Sleeper and Roof Options

The Western Star 49X is available with several roof and sleeper options. The roof is available in low, mid, and high configurations. As far as the sleeper is concerned, options measuring 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches are available.

If you enjoy natural light, you can add a newly available rear window to your sleeper. The truck's idle-free HVAC system can keep the cab cool for up to 10 hours or it can provide heat for as long as 34 hours when the truck is parked.

If you do what others can't and need a truck that can do the same, head over to Bayshore Truck Center to see the 2021 Western Star 49X today!